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The International Workshop on Electrons and Ions in
Quantum Fluids and Solids

March 11 - 14, 2018, Toray Human Resources Development Center, Mishima, Japan

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Last update 2019/09/03

Journal of Low Temperature Physics:

Special Issue: Electrons and Ions in Quantum Fluids and Solids (EIQFS)

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International Workshop

The International Workshop on "Electrons and Ions in Quantum Fluids and Solids" will be held in Mishima, Japan. The scientific program will begin in the morning of Monday, March 12 and end at lunch time on Wednesday, March 14. The first workshop of this sort was held in 2006 in Paris. Since then, the Workshop has continued in the following sequence: 2008 in Wako, 2010 in Princeton, 2012 in Onnason (OIST), and 2014 in Kazan, East Lansing, and Hsinchu. So, it ought to be the 8th Workshop of this soft series.


The Electron and Ions in QFS international Workshop features fundamental physics and applications arising in electrons and ions (or atoms) -- such as 2D electrons on liquid helium, electron bubbles, snow balls, exotic ions and atoms introduced in the bulk or on the surface of liquid helium, solid helium, hydrogen, neon, and so forth.